Client/Family Testimonials

Bethany’s Testimonial

“Janice, I just want to thank you for the work you do and for guiding and organizing all these caregivers. I’ve been impressed by their work ethic and attentiveness, and by your caring and wise management of the whole thing. It really helps put our minds at ease to know our family is being cared for. It’s been an answer to our prayers. Thank you.”


Sharon L’s Testimonial

“The number one value was knowing I was not alone in his daily physical and emotional care. Also, his safety was a paramount concern, and the caregivers were there to make sure he was safe. I felt very supported in a very difficult situation. I could not have taken care of him without their patient, compassionate care.”

Sharon L.

Jo’s Testimonial

“It’s more affordable than agency care. Another big plus about what you do is we’re not limited to 4-hour commitments, which is longer than many of us need.”


Kathy M.’s Testimonial

“Bridge of Hope was valuable to me, as loving caregivers helped to provide care and companionship for my 98-year-old Mother during a time when she needed 24/7 care, and I needed the respite…..They helped us get medical supplies and resources needed during that time and took the burden off having to track things down. I am grateful for the love and compassion of this wonderful organization.”

Kathy M.

Nancy’s Testimonial

“We were all set to use an agency, but you were able to hire enough staff and subsequently take on the day-to-day care so we didn’t have to. This meant she could stay in her own home until the day she died, which we all know meant the world to her, and us as well.  We could never have left her in her home confidently without Janice and your competent staff because we did not live in the area.…all I can say is the whole family thoroughly appreciated how you stepped up to coordinate 24/7 care for our mom after her stroke “Janice and her team came in and met all mom’s needs…. They had my mom’s best interest at heart.”


Elsie’s Testimonial

”Bridge of Hope has been instrumental in helping my family by providing quality and experienced companion caregivers for my family and we are eternally grateful for their support.”


Andrew’s Testimonial

“My family and I were getting a little overwhelmed in taking care of my elderly mom and are so grateful to have met Janice and her team at Bridge of Hope. She connected us with an outstanding caregiver at half the cost of what we were paying another agency and educated us on all the resources that are available in our area. If you have a loved one you need help caring for we highly recommend getting in touch with Bridge of Hope.”


Clementine’s Testimonial

They saved me. I was overwhelmed with trying to care for my family. They came and cared for my family so I am able to have a life and still have my family. I’m so thankful for their support.”


Dave’s Testimonial

”The value of Bridge of Hope to me was that a major stressor was removed from me while I was bringing my wife home on hospice from the hospital. The hospice team handed me a list of caregivers for me to contact and try to coordinate care for my wife which was overwhelming at the time. My pastor suggested I contact Janice at Bridge of Hope and she took care of finding caregivers to cover all the shifts that we needed. It was such a relief to not have to find help in the midst of the storm. Thank you, Bridge of Hope!


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