The Road Map to Success: Identifying the needs and creating a plan

In order to provide the right care and perfect match of our qualified home health aides, we must complete a comprehensive assessment of your needs.

The intake assessment will include accessibility needs for all living areas including bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen, entrance and exits. This assessment is based on the physical presentation and needs of each client. Recommendations for assistive equipment and home modifications will be determined based on the individual client’s needs.

Overall mobility and ADL (activities of daily living) needs will be determined based on clinical presentations of balance, strength, and stability. This will help identify what type of services and/or equipment are required to keep them home safe.

An Occupational Therapist will work with the program director and home health aide to identify the number of hours necessary to meet individual needs.

The Occupational Therapist will also be available to reassess and make determinations on more care, further home modifications or other placement options.

An individualized plan for our clients may include Nutritional, Exercise, Mobility and Health Management strategies that will be followed by the home health aide. Having this available for our families, client and home health aide to follow, will create the necessary carryover that reduces potential falls and hospitalizations.

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