Our Story

For many reasons, this non-profit was created, but it is personal stories and dedications that really pushed this important business to develop.

Janice LaMere, Executive Director, was the brainchild of this organization, as it came out of her personal experience. In 2011, her father was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia, and it was the beginning of a caregiver’s journey that opened her eyes to what is needed to keep our loved one’s home and secure with the appropriate help.

In short, her father, Jim Morgan, and her mother moved in with her and her life was turned upside down with the progressive nature of his disease. The caregiving duties became more and more difficult over time and she and her mother were forced to put Jim in a nursing home due to lack of financial means to afford in-home care. It was heartbreaking for Janice to see her father’s last nine months alive spent in a nursing facility. She knew at that time, something needed to change in our system, and the beginnings of this non-profit idea were born.

As a caregiver now, with a big heart, she had the opportunity to meet Ruth Sumner, who needed some caregiving hours. She decided to help, and the hours turned into more and more, after Ruth had a stroke. Janice began to look for other caregivers who could help, and out of need, began to coordinate home care for Ruth, over a 24-hour period.

Then in February 2021, Janice met Erica Sayre, who’s caregiving needs also progressed from a few hours to 24-hour care, and Janice was put to the test of finding additional private caregivers to assist. Slowly, she began to coordinate 2 homes and the caregivers needs, selflessly giving of her time without administrative pay, to ensure these two clients received the in-home care they needed to remain home.

During this time period from 2019 to 2022, Janice had the opportunity to work with a home heath Occupational Therapist who had provided care on many occasions to her clients. Alan Prince, OTR/L and Senior Home Safety specialist has many years of experience with the aging population and also had a vision of getting the right support for this population to keep them home and safe, as long as possible.

Through Janice’s experiences, the hands-on education she was getting and the meeting of other folks with like minded thinking, and Alan’s keen eye to the health, wellness and safety of our aging population, Janice and Alan came together as cofounders, and Bridge of Hope Home Care Services was born in 2022.

Our vision is to help subsidize the cost of in-home care, and provide a roadmap for home safety and wellness, and provide the necessary network of trained independent home health aides. This vision has finally come to light. However, it takes a village to get the needed support to our Senior community, and we appreciate any help that can be provided by our supporters.

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